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Lighting Design

Poor selection of fixtures with wrong optics does not do much for the site or the users. When it comes to lighting it's worth doing right!

Lighting offers an opportunity to improve the interior and exterior environments as it needs to complement architectural features. One of the poor aspects of current LED outdoor lighting is correcting the appearance of street furniture. The most of existing pole locations do not comply with current standards and when the poles are replaced both the location and outreach arms are never corrected on the same intersection and roads the outreach arms are never matched for consistency.

LED lighting must address the care of the environment through well designed fixtures, reducing spill lighting and sky glow.


The LED lighting is an electronic gear, but many installation designer/installers do not take this into account. They wait to see if failure has taken place.

The finished project may require progressive commissioning to ensure that all safety requirements are in place. This may include proper protection of the total system for lighting and surge protection.  

Harmonics, power factor and poor earthing systems can be additional problems when design and selection of fixtures on existing circuits lack the necessary protection. These are essential areas of implementation at the procurement stage with relevant discussions with the client or site designers. 

Precaution is better than failure at an unexpected time or at any time.

Energy Auditing

Tread cautiously where you buy,
Do not settle for price only.

Energy Auditing of a site can be two-fold, a walk-through and a full test with test gear and external agencies to provide and monitor the data. Energy Auditing in lighting has a big advantage based on old lighting replaced with LED. The varied options in colour rendition, wattage and dimming systems offer a very wide selection process.

The lumen/watt advantage of LED is the big winner with wide colour rendition.This has excellent savings in energy use and maintenance because of the longevity of the LED and control gear. This can be dependent on the country of manufacture and warranty offered.

Thermal Envelope

We in NZ have treated the design of buildings very poorly. Added insulation on a leaky building is a band-aid for the poor design. 

This is a very costly area to resolve. The building envelope includes walls and all glass panels on the perimeter of the buildings. Monitoring with thermal camera can help to identify heat losses or defective walls, windows and failed insulation or lack of installed insulation.

Roofs are also an area of concern, in most multi-storey buildings the roof has no or very little external insulation. Built-up roof systems are the only solution, but rarely practised or used in NZ.

Fields of Expertise

  • Energy Audits
  • Energy-Efficiency Studies And Recommendations
  • Lighting Design
  • Selection Of Lighting Systems
  • Building Management Systems
  • Security Systems
  • Low-Voltage Lighting Control and Design for Commercial and Residential
  • Heating Systems - Including The Best Options For Residential Environments

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I have known Dawood Latif of 3E Energy for over 15 years. He represents an excellent lighting design/manufactured by CU Phosco. I have used CU Phosco luminaires in various street lighting designs and I have found that they have a superior performance. I wish CU Phosco every success in New Zealand and the South Pacific Islands through 3E Energy.

WPS OPUS | Venga Krishnasamy, Senior Electrical Engineer