Our Products

We offer the following sustainable energy saving products. Top of Our Products Listed below

    • Energy Saving LED Lighting - Commercial / Industrial Lighting
    • Sewage Sludge / Replacement for COAL fired Boilers
    • Car Park, Road & Street Lighting www.cuphosco.com
    • Visit www.escoaus.com.au
    • Solar Hot Water with Open Vented System or Connect to Existing Mains Pressure NZ Made Cylinder
    • Photovoltaic System - grid connected and / or - non-grid connected with generator backup
    • Heat Pump for domestic & commercial systems
    • Space Heating - including Diesel Heaters
    • Cleanaire HRV for home ventilation, commercial buildings, commercial clothes dryers, public halls, school halls and classrooms. View 3E's Brochure.
      Visit www.dryair.co.nz for more information on Home Cleanaire Heat Recovery ventilation from - www.avonelectic.co.nz
    • BRANZ www.branz.co.nz
    • Induction lighting
    • LED lighting with TOROIDAL COIL primary Transformer voltage with excellent power factor plus DC supply to LED Chips – reliable dimming system.
    • Molten Salt Technology - Zero-Emissions, known as Thermal energy storage (TES) from minus 40 deg C to plus 400 deg C, Environmentally friendly.

NOTE: Does your Building ventilation for Gymnasium, Public Halls, Church facilities, Comply with BIA C4, BIA G4 and NZS4303?